Women Guild

The P.C.E.A. Woman's Guild is a fellowship of women and girls in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, whose main objective is to bring together women and girls for Christian fellowship, worship and service. Currently the Woman's Guild has a membership of about sixty two thousand (62,000) women and girls in the three East African countries and beyond where there are P.C.E.A. Churches.

Men Fellowship

The fellowship Motto shall be:   “Called to the Lord’s Service,”

Scripture :- Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord. (Romans 12:11) NIV.


We in the PCMF (Presbyterian Church Men Fellowship) department graciously wish to thank you for your great support to the boy child and specifically the PCMF Ministry.


We wish to inform you that the PCMF is deeply undertaking the work of retrieving the boy child from the destruction the male is facing in our contemporary world. We have taken the programme of fighting against drugs, alcohol/illicit brew abuse and all other manner of abuse destroying the boy child and our children as a whole.


The PCMF has been in existence for the last ten (10) years. We thank God that we have grown from the initial thought of Men’s Fellowship, to the current membership of over thirty thousand men distributed all over our countries in East Africa and beyond. The Fellowship has witnessed a tremendous positive growth in family relationships and responsibility in both the Church and the society.


Youth Fellowship

Vision Statement

A vibrant and well co-ordinated Youth Movement extending to every corner of East Africa and beyond


The PCEA Youth Department came into being by a resolution of PCEA General Assembly (GA) in 1960 to cater for the needs of young people. In inaugurating the Youth department, it was agreed that the department embrace activities of young people and enlist their efforts in the tasks of evangelism and fellowship. Further, the youth department through the overall governing Committee herewith referred to as the Central Youth Committee (CYC) was charged with the responsibility of coordinating all the youth activities, projects and programs through Regional, Presbyterial, Parish and congregational youth fellowship committees